Archer State Arena Post Mortem: GAM 111 Week 13

Statedriven menu

For our second assignment in GAM 111 we were instructed to make a state driven battle game. It had to involve Unity Events and/ Or the SendMessage function. Designed to be a 2 person game it had to have the option for A.I. on one or both the players. I  completed this task on time and to a reasonable standard, however there is still room for improvement.


As the game progressed it developed its features that makes it unique. Beginning as a game based on battling monsters it became about archers and was dubbed Archer State.  It played locally on one screen and with a single mouse.


Throughout the process of coding I became aware that even though i had planned it still wasn’t enough.  I made the plans in google docs and outlined how i wanted the game to work, and some basic functions and variables I would have needed.  Scripts and objects were made in Unity and were completed one system at a time, this presented issues when attempting to use an Event System.  With further planning of interactions between game objects, through tables and excel sheets, a more holistic system with increased use of events could have been created.  Only three events were used in this project:

    public UnityEvent AttackEvent = new UnityEvent();

    public UnityEvent EndAttack = new UnityEvent();

    public UnityEvent lockNextButtons = new UnityEvent();


In regards to the artwork, there was issues when Archers died with their corresponding slots. The slot has a green fill that empties radially to reveal red according to thehealth. When the Archer dies a coroutine is triggered that fades the sprite then deletes the object.

 IEnumerator Dead_Enter()
        CurrentSprite.sprite = Entry.stats.DeadImage;
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(2);

        for (float i = 1; i >= 0; i -= Time.deltaTime)
           CurrentSprite.color = new Color(1, 1, 1, i);
            yield return null;


During this the fill will return to being completely green, and the value in the inspector reads as a Not A Number(NaN). I looked through the code and couldn’t find the problem, or any indication as to where I had messed up. Nonetheless it still worked, so i accepted the flaw but had higher priorities to worry about.

Screenshot (44)
Buggy Slot fill for dying archer.


In future projects there are steps I can take for easier production. While Hack’N’Plan had a big role in time management, the manual use detracts from its effectiveness, and therefore need to use an App more like  Google Calendar for notification reminders. Looking for different work conditions will also help as I find myself constantly procrastinating or deflecting from my work.  
Archer State is a state driven game that I have created over the last several weeks. Its productions brought with it a good opportunity to extend my knowledge, and try new things. While the submitted product had its faults, it was a success.


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