Changes and second sweep planning: GAM 111 Week 9

My current GAM 111 project has received several changes to the design of the board and gameplay.  I believe the end product will still have the desired result and be achievable with less scripting.  Certain aspects have also be omitted until they can be redesigned to provide a more meaningful purpose to the gameplay.

Screenshot (35)Screenshot (32)






The  play screen has had changes to several elements, simplifying the production process. At the end of the second week I have done next to no coding for the game and spent a lot of time creating the board. Feeling the need to move onto more important elements such as scripting for the player, event and game control systems, the stash and graveyard were removed from the design. Instead the empty slot will display a menu or buttons which the player can use to select the desired monster.  The Graveyard has also been removed as I lack the time to design what I had in mind or to at least to the standard I would accept. I didn’t want a basic UI display with text, some options considered were stacking sprites, spawning headstones, and other visual representations.

Untitled Diagram (1).png

The game flow has also altered to allow for a more streamlined play.  The frontline has been removed and as well as the turn based system for the monster placement state. The game will not have any non-local features and will be played using the one mouse. This will naturally incur a turn based system amongst the player which makes the need for it in the game obsolete.  The Game Controller will check for when all players are ready to proceed into battle and switch to the combat stage. The frontline mechanic has also been scrapped as I didn’t see how it enhanced the play, at least in this stage of the project.  Its initial purpose was to provide the player with a stat bonus throughout the entire match, there were going to be three different frontlines to chose each with varying effects. However, the monsters attacks, known as attack states in this game, all worked on the same precept of altering the monsters stats. Having this twice seemed unnecessary for now, but hope can return to this at some point and add a system that has a better effect.


Instead of altering the stats for each monster spawned, they act as templates for the slot. Instead of the fight being between monsters the combat and stats will be handled in the slots. The monster can pass its stats to the slot as base values and further stat calculations can be handled there.  It is still undecided if the attack state will be handled by the monster or the slot, although the latter seem the best route as the changes can be made directly to its stats in its attached script.


The progress of the game is a lot smoother than previous projects.  It would be smart to say that its is due to more detailed and a higher quantity of planing. Also, I am experimenting with my production method by adding artwork as I go, coming back and colouring and changing fonts for all the UI would be far too tedious. Tasks are being completed on time, and I hope I can maintain this record for the rest of the project.   



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