Planetary RollOut Post Mortem: GAM 111 Week 6

Overall, the first assessment for GAM 111 was completed successfully and was a good learning experience. Throughout the project I was able to identify on what I need to improve for future projects and what I am currently confident in doing.  Named Planetary RollOut, it was a physics based game in which the player rolled the Earth along a path destroying threats and avoiding destruction.


  • Planning was drawn out in flow charts, and by referencing the Game Tech Specification Sheets.
  • Hack’N’Plan was not used initially but came into play during the project.


  • The game was built in a way that each level could be designed with a “drag and drop” technique.
  • Each prefab initialised all variables in the code so there was very little linking in the unity Editor.
  • The Game was constructed in the following order:
  1. Player
  2. Hazards
  3. Destructible Objects (Named Enemies in project)
  4. Scoring
  5. Health
  6. UI
  7. Levels
  8. Scene Management
  9. Sound Management


While making Planetary RollOut the following major Issues were detected:

  • Poor Planning
    • Further time management planning needed
    • Linking of interactions was more difficult then anticipated, most likely due to the manner the game was constructed.
  • Use of Projector was confusing, construction of own may have been quicker.
  • Little knowledge on the way the Game world physics works
  • Ran out of time for more extras.

Next Project

The next project under taken will be better planned and thought out. Values will be planned in documentation such as Google Sheets and Hack’N’Plan will be used for better task tracking.  


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