Earth, Terrain and : GAM 111 week 3

Our first assignment was given handed out this week, we are to develop a game that

Giant Boulder Of Death**

involves rolling a ball throughout a level and crushing objects. Essentially this was a physics driven game, and the object was to be controlled by adding force. Unity physics engine was already the bane of my existence and now we were working with spherical movement.  We were given a couple of examples, one, Giant Boulder of Death(GBOD), I played for multiple hours trying to finish.  Seeing that  GBOD was the freshest game of this style i had played I based my first GAM111 Assignment off its mechanics. The order of development I have chosen is Terrain -> Player -> Objects and Collectables -> UI -> Scene Loop -> Music and Effects -> Artwork and Aesthetics.  This week I worked solely on the creation of the terrain for the three levels of the game.  


Unity’s terrain editing tools are simple and are hard to use when making small changes to the map.  The aspect of the terrain brushes is that there is no way to create a slop easily. The first attempts all had several large holes that would trap the ball and sections where the ball would roll over the edge far too easily. Through some thought and experimenting the best way I found to make a sloping map was by using  the smoothing tool and the paint height brush. Beginning by painting the hole level the same height of the starting point and then lowering the height in increments along the map I had a starting point for a slop.  At the end of this step it looked like a big set of stairs down the map, the next thing to do was to smooth it out with the smooth brush. After, the raise terrain brush was used to add boundaries to the sides of the map.  Hopefully, Unity will add a slop tool in the future or maybe someone will create and add on to do so.


Eventually I got three levels completed and also added different game objects for the levels objects to spawn at. A texture pack was also imported from the Unity Asset store so I could

Screenshot (27)
Earth Asset Demo Scene

paint textures to the terrain and add a little colour to the game. Among my search in the asset store I found a A+ asset called Earth with Atmosphere Scattering by Digital Ruby (available here: and wanted to somehow incorporate it into my game. With the toy of this game being a ball, it was the most obvious choice for implementing the asset. As Earth being the player’s character it seemed fitting that the destructible enemies were threats to the planet relevant to today’s society and the objects to avoid should represent nature and life.




**Gif made with footage provide on youtube by AppleNApps

  • AppleNApps. (2013). Giant Boulder of Death iOS Gameplay ‘N Action. Retrieved from
  • Johnson, J. (2016). Earth Planet with Atmosphere Scattering (Version 1.0). Digital Ruby. Retrieved from

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