The Return: The First Week of Gam111 and Uni.

This week was the first week back in class since trimester 2 2016, it had been a while since I had done any serious game development or scripting. The first GAM 111, Scripting For Game Developers, brought with it a jog of the memory and some new procedures for development planning. All was good until we were tasked with making a Twin  Stick Shooter for the following weeks class.


Making a nearly complete game in a week, initially I thought I was already in too deep but as the project progressed I came to realise how much I had actually learnt in previous trimesters. Two days prior to class, and probably 10 more hours than required work I had completed a game that looked like it was made in 30 minutes. It worke
d though and that was good, I spent hours reading Unity Documentation on its Physics, triggers and raycasting; it would have been upsetting to see the effort have an undesired result.

Screenshot (23).png

Looking back I believe there could have been a better approach then diving in head first and referencing documents when stuck. The asset folder was unorganised, the coding did not behave 100% correctly and there were a couple of duct tape fixes. One of these being the use of the Physics System resolving the overlapping rigidbodies of the enemy to disperse them throughout the screen. Better planning would have also enabled me to create a better weapon system and smarter enemies.


At the end of the project, I realised that in the first week of this trimester I had used nearly everything we had learnt in the first trimesters classes. The design and creation of this twin-stick boosted my confidence in game development, over all a successful endeavour.  In the future more planning through documentation will result in a big jump in my scripting capabilities.  



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