Just think about….Open your eyes!




The day the earth stood still. It was 2021, 7am on a Monday morning, the smell of sweat and human waste plagued the noses of the people queued. For 6 days now Business people, trade workers, and all kinds alike have reduced their lives to the standards of animals. But this is it, the final morning, the morning it was all over. The clock struck 830, the energy of the crowd spiked instantly, it was time. In fear of being to far back people start to push and force the lines forward. Like a dam wall failing the torrential onrush of people knock the guards and many poor souls at the front down. The hordes of run down, tired people turn to a force to be reckoned with. This is not a single phenomenon, its everywhere, every major shop area, every mall, every city, it is the release of the next biggest smartphone or television. The Company directors while at first celebrating their accomplishment, now watch scenes of complete anarchy sweep the world. What have they done they wonder, their excitement falls to fear, what have they done?

How many of you have bought something based on the information provided to you because of an advertisement? We currently live in a world in which one is measured by his or her wealth and belongings. As to the many of you that say you don’t, stop lying to yourselves. Personally I believe it stems from a primal territorial instinct and has evolved throughout our history progressing to what would today be labelled “ownership”.

We are on the right track though, there are changes coming.  These days to get a job, most common way of earning a living, one needs a mobile, a computer, and the internet to even apply. So as what was once considered luxuries moves its way in to needs of survival in the modern world. I wish I could tell you what is going to happen and how, but that’s not how my gift for predictions work. Though I do believe the world is facing the birth of a new era, one in which  could make or break the success of us as a species. It is time for us to move on from capitalism, its is now the age of socialism. I see, a bright future, a big change, and the banding together of people to help us change our wasteful ways. We mostly all have access these technologies and we all use them to communicate. Being more connected to the world now then we ever have been; its only a matter of time before everyone realises we are all in this collectively as a species. Then and only then will the power shift to a new world balance; people will work with each other, companies will give back to the community. We will see the day when humanity will stop working for “The Man” and start working with him.





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