Where Mum Was Wrong: The Real Outcome Of My Gaming

In 2016 it is near impossible to go a full day without using a piece of technology far beyond what most would have dreamed of 50 years ago. Through these devices, extensive contact with media has shaped probably all of us into who we are today. I know for a fact, had I not stayed up playing Crash Bandicoot the early hours of the morning as a youngling or watched stacks upon stacks of movies depicting the stories of love, hate, Life, Death, Light and Dark, that I would not be here today doing what I am.


From the 8-bit originals to today’s mind-boggling Virtual Reality, I believe the world would be missing out on a truly captivating form of entertainment if we didn’t have our games. But fortunately it has gone to complete opposite direction. Games are such useful pieces of media they are even extending beyond their original intention of entertainment to more practical uses in fields such as medicine, training, and education.

So here is to all the designers, programmers, writers, who have slaved themselves half to death just so I can save the princess. In the coming years I hope to master what those before me have and use games to bring adventure, entertainment, and emotion to lives of others.



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