Knee Deep In Pixels: DOOM

Image: Retropie, Github 2016


The 1993 first person shooter released by iD software is an emulsion of blood, guns and evil. The first episode of Doom takes the player through a series of maze-like levels while encountering various types of enemies. While maintaining a casual style of game play the game can certainly provide some challenges.


Throughout Doom the player will encounter larger hordes of enemies at once, however these enemies are easily slain within one or two shots. The aiming is also a simple concept making the game suitable for the newest of players. Weapons fired will hit any target that is roughly in the centre of the screen, as long as it is aimed within a few pixels of the target. This makes clearing any room an easy task even on NIGHTMARE! difficulty. This, however, does not mean the player will not comes across any challenges.


Doom’s 2D pixelated textures can lead to some frustration during gameplay. Buttons and switches can be easily overlooked and passed due to them being 2D blocks on the wall. The walls can even become problematic with providing cover due to the strafe controls ( , and . ) being separate from the arrow keys. Upon reaching the final area the player will encounter two “bosses”, these are scaled way beyond any other A.I and can be overwhelming if little care is taken when advancing through the map. The obstacles can be overcome and do not hinder the game to much.
Through the mazes of blood, poison pits, and hidden areas DOOM provides the player a casual style game that still presents some challenges. After the hordes of low difficulty enemies, the weapon selection is enough to add a good variety of fun. To top it all off to acquire most of the weapons the player needs to scour the map for hidden areas, access through secret door, elevators and more. Doom, even with its cons, adds up to be an engaging game.


RetroPie, (2016). RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Mar. 2016].


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